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An effortless walk, an exceptional ride

Rolley Leisure is not only a multi-award winning innovative company, it is also a proud British made brand.

The patented design of the Rolley allows you to effortlessly walk or ride your favourite fairways, the machined movement creates a seamless transition transforming the Rolley from power assisted walk mode to an exhilarating ride-on mode. A single charge lasts 36 holes, after which the Rolley fits neatly into the boot of your car. The moment you meet Rolley, you will experience an effortless walk and exceptional ride, from shot to shot.

Three ways to move

The Rolley’s main innovation is its quick transition between three modes. This gives maximum convenience, but also allows total flexibility for you, the player throughout your round.


Our patented, hand-crafted folding movement ensures your ride-on trolley is engineered to be as light and compact as possible, made from the finest lightweight materials, the Rolley is designed to suit all of your travelling needs.




Using your Rolley in power assisted walk mode allows you negotiate the golf course whilst your Rolley does the hard work.


Ride mode changes the golf experience for anyone who tries it. The Rolley’s design has a naturally low centre of gravity which provides stability for the rider, whilst the unique steering system allows for fluid directional transitions. With a high powered drive system, stepping on is an exhilarating experience that will carry you at speeds up to 12mph between shots.

 At Rolley Leisure, we have spent the best part of a decade refining our design to bring you The Rolley Sport.

Our TWINDRIVE technology ensures the collection is engineered to enhance your golf experience.

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Investing in a fleet of Rolleys is an investment in the future of golf.

At Rolley Leisure we have pioneered a change in the way players move across the golf course.

 Inherent to this change is understanding the need for seamlessly integrated technology to be introduced to the game without disrupting its core traditions.

Our patented three modes offer members the unique choice to walk or ride their favorite sections of the course.

The seamless transition between walk and ride mode allows your members to experience the freedom of playing the course throughout the year without restrictions, whilst our compact travel mode ensures storage has never been simpler.

We can tailor your fleet to suit your members, enhancing their game like never before.

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Rolley experience days are designed to provide private events and businesses with an entirely unique experience.

As you may already know the Rolley is a multi-award winning innovation, and our ‘Experience Days’ bring people together as they are introduced to this revolutionary technology.

If you are in the initial stages of creating your event, we can work alongside you with our partner clubs to create the ultimate experience.

If you have already booked your golf event our mobile fleet can be bolted on within a moments notice to enhance your day.

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